Developmental Services

• Assessment for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
including Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning
Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, etc.
• Early Intervention Services and other therapies
• Biomedical Intervention
• Social Skills Group Therapy
• Family Support
• Skill Assessments and Home Plans

Psychological Counselling And Therapy Services

• Psychological Assessment for children and adolescents
• Addressing social, emotional and behavioral concerns using Play Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Arts Based Therapy, Behaviour Modification, etc.
• Online Counseling

Training Programs and Workshops

• Internships for school and college students
• Skill training for mental health professionals
• Teacher training programs
• Parent Empowerment Program

Trauma Counseling

• Aim to resolve root cause of presenting concern
• Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioners and a Trainer
• Certified Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Practitioners and a Trainer

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Years of Nurturing Families to Transform Lives

Individualized home and therapy plans for children.
Conduct Training Programs for Students, Parents, Mental Health Professionals, and Teachers
Pioneers in Autism, ADHD, & Early Intervention Services
3 certified EMDR Therapists and 4 Certified EFT Practitioners for Trauma Counseling
who are we

Welcome to CCAW

CCAW is a multi-specialty mental health care setup for children and adolescents. Constituting a team of trained and experienced professionals, specializing in different child care disciplines, we offer well-integrated services under one roof.
Our Founder

Dr. Deepak Gupta

Serving families since 25+ years

Dr. Deepak Gupta Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, MD, DNB, DCAP (London, UK), is one of the well-known child & adolescent psychiatrists in India. He specializes in dealing with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, emotional behavioral difficulties, trauma, school refusal, and other mental health challenges in children, adolescents, and young people. He is deeply committed to working with families with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) across India, Asia, and the UK.


Biomedical Interventions

Using HBOT, Special Diets, Nutritional Supplements and Chelation Therapy

Emo Aid

Community Mental Health Making community mental wellbeing available at your doorstep

Autism Services

Special education, Behaviour modification, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Psychological Counseling and Therapy Services

For children and adolescents with various social, emotional & behavioral challenges.

Internships, Training Programs, & Workshops

For School and College Students, Teachers, and Parents.

Social Skills Groups

For adolescents and children to learn from and with each other

Our Reach

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Autism Families Touched
Peripheral Clinics - Guwahati, Imphal, Kolkata, Lucknow

Management Team

Dr. Deepak Gupta

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Founder-Director, CCAW

Believing in the power of the four As – Awareness, Acceptance, Acknowledge, and Action, Dr Deepak with his great altruistic self continuously works for his clients’ betterment and nurturance of their families. His passion to work for the field of mental health with a team makes him a great leader.

Dr. Shilpa Gupta

Therapist and EFT Trainer
Associate Director, CCAW
Founder, EMOAID

It’s her perceptible composure, the spontaneity of connecting with people and an ever-affable personality that make Dr. Shilpa Gupta a great therapist. Her belief in giving back to the community and spreading knowledge makes her a great trainer.

Ms. Shreya Mago

Psychologist & Special Educator, Admin Head, CCAW

As a therapist of children, she holds great importance in empowering the parents’ community. Their happiness quotient and managing mechanism are of utmost importance to her.

Mr. Devashish Sinha

Finance Head, CCAW

Devashish Sinha is a seasoned professional in the field of Finance & Accounts, having rich exposure of serving the industry in various positions for more than two decades.


What they say

I am very glad to inform that biomedical interventions had given success for my child. My trust on biomedical interventions in mainly due to focus on good food vis-a-vis good gut supported with supplements as required, good sleep vis-a-vis good mind supported by right medication if required along with the support of therapies based on the need of the child. I believe biomedical is the safest protocol and if adopted at early stage in success is sure. I am sure biomedical will gain popularity in coming days in our country with more awareness and success stories.
Mr. Apurba Day Singha, Kolkata
We would like to thank Dr. Deepak Guptafor guidance and biomedical intervention which helped us a lot in dealing with our kid's issues. Biomedical helped us in controlling his hyperactivity, focus, concentration, appetite, and improve in various areas. Following GFCF diet, therapies and biomedical altogether helped us and today my son is 80% close to neurotypical kids. Once again thank you Deepak Sir
Mr. Pramod Mishra, Noida
We have seen dramatic improvement in our son’s speech (fully conversational now), eye contact, response to name and ability to focus. He has improved so much thathis autism has become almost indistinguishable. Now I realise the importance of GFCF diet (overall healthy life and diet) and how it impacts our mental health and physical health. Also, all your advice has done wonders to our son. My thanks and gratitude
Ms. Farah Huque, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Happy Moment From CCAW


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