Our Community Initiatives

❖ Our Community Initiatives

One of our primary expertise is in dealing with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Every child with on spectrum is unique in his or her own way, an attitude that our society needs to be more sensitive to and needs to appreciate. With the same purpose in mind, CCAW organizes the ‘Autism Carnival’ every year on the first Sunday of April, to provide greater awareness and promote advocacy material for parents, schools, media and ministries alike.

Aim: The carnival aims to celebrate in a positive way, the spirit of the ASD community. It also involves creating a stimulating and enjoyable experience, where parents can come with their children and families to get greater insights about ASD, allow both their kids and themselves to relax and  connect with other families from the ASD community.

The carnival includes activities like:

  1. Sensory activities
  2. Talent show
  3. Fancy dress
  4. Fun zone for kids inclusive of bouncy, train rides, and swings
  5. Parent Performances
  6. Food stalls
  7. Gifts and much more

To celebrate the ADHD awareness month in October, CCAW organizes the ADHD Conclave in collaboration with various prestigious institutions. With a different theme every year, the conclave purports to discuss and deliberate on various issues related to ADHD. The conclave witnesses leading experts from the field of ADHD including Dr. Deepak Gupta, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, exchanging ideas and sharing insights to create a conducive ecosystem for the ADHD community.

  1. ADHD Conclave 2019: 'Building Strengths and Partnership'
  2. ADHD Conclave 2022:Comprehensive Management – Key to successful outcome’

The conclave is a free event open for all professionals and paraprofessionals working in the field of mental health care, medicine, education & counseling, including school counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, educators, and parents.